Race Reports

BAR Race 1 Cambridge Duathlon

6 athletes from Mid Sussex Tri Club were up before 5am to get to the start in time for this very well organised event.

There was still the usual frantic pre-race adjustments. Both Steve and Rob decided it was a flat enough course to try racing with disc wheels for the first time ever which meant a bit of cassette and brake adjustment. James had a new set up without a disc wheel, but was the only competitor without a timing chip. Pete decided to throw himself, his bike and a complete stranger's bike onto the floor for no apparent reason, whilst dressing up for a deep midwinter race (it was sunny and 15 degrees!). Luckily common sense took over and he stripped off his thermals, but then also removed his tri-bars (just to give the other old gits a chance). Ant and Dec, sorry, Dave seemed totally organised by comparison.

Ant, Dave and James were off in the second wave with Rob, Pete and Steve 5 minutes behind. The first run was a fairly flat and fast 7.5km and it went largely as expected with James making a flying start. His time of 28.07 was nearly 2 minutes ahead of Pete who was making a cautious start in 29.54, still very quick. Then came Steve and Rob in 30.54 and 31.03 respectively, then Ant (32.29) immediately followed by Dave (32.30).

All 6 did good fast transitions but king of T1 was Dave in 39 seconds but even the slowest was 67 seconds so very little time was wasted.

The bike circuit was an interesting mix of superb Time Trialling roads, and tight turns at junctions, which included one point on each lap requiring a complete stop and foot down before being allowed to continue.

Not surprisingly it was again James who was flying with 64.12 for the 40km. Rob soon caught and passed Steve on his way to a time of 67.51, just a second ahead of Dave 67.52. Ant was about a minute down with 69.00. Steve was surprised to reel in Pete on the bike, until he realised that Pete was not using tri-bars which would have made a huge difference. Steve did 69.49 and Pete 71.30.

T2 was another speedy affair. Even the slowest time was only 57 seconds but king of T2 was Steve in 39 seconds although Dave was again very quick, just a second behind, which makes him overall transition king this time!

The second run was the same as the first, but then the flat run suddenly didn't seem so flat. It was also now quite a lot warmer. Steve was delighted to find that he was the fastest on the second run with 31.23, less than 30 seconds slower than the first run, largely due to seeing Rob ahead and having someone to aim at. As usual he only overtook with 800m to go with Rob struggling with cramp. James' second run was only 3 seconds slower than Steve - 31.26, with Pete slightly behind in 31.33. Rob did 33.18, Ant 34.48 and Dave 35.19.

Overall James was well clear of everyone else, finishing some 8 minutes clear of Steve in the end  who was 27 seconds ahead of Rob. Pete finished another minute down, then Dave 2 minutes behind and Ant about a further minute down.

This was a great first race of the season, which was a World Duathlon Championship qualifier. We must now wait to see if any of us have actually qualified.



James DEAR          2h05m15s    1st 10pts    9.72%     10th

Steve ALDEN         2h13m33s    2nd 9       16.99        6th

Rob HOODLESS     2h14m00s    3rd 8        17.39        8th

Pete HARRIS         2h14m53s    4th 7        18.16        9th

Dave LASHBROOK 2h16m57s    5th 6       19.97       24th

Ant GREY              2h18m19s    6th 5        21.16       10

Crawley Wheelers Death Ride

Every Wednesday night at 19:30 this aptly named ride takes place.


It is basically an hour's ride of multiple laps faster than is humanly possible going up every hill in Hayward's Heath, some of these guys were going up the hills quicker than I could go down and they truly were 'Riding like they stole it'


I thought I would start this week after most of the guys have either just got back from Wimereux or just competed in the Brighton Marathon, easy ride nice and gentle just to get the feel of it..12 Riders Started 10 finished the other 2 still have not been found. I got dropped on most laps but the secret is just to keep going as hard as possible and you will get back on the pack.


  • Was it one of the hardest rides I have done - Yes
  • Distance covered - approx 23 miles
  • Did I feel sick - Yes
  • Did I get dropped - Yes
  • Was it fun - Most defiantly
  • Will I do it again - Most defiantly

Great fun and I would recommend it to all, many MST members already do it (Ant, Dave, Kev and myself), if you don't think you can keep the pace or are significantly slower start your own group and do it.

Tour of Wimereux


Tour of Wimereux


The ride sets off from Plumpton and heads out to Dover where there is a slight rest and a ferry over to Calais then onto Wimereux, 100 - 120 miles. Day 2 Wimereux - Dieppe approx 100 miles dependant on the navigator.



Quote from one exhausted rider "It is by far the hardest I have ever cycled in my life"


We managed to stick together for the most part in one peloton, but some of us were literally clinging on for dear life at times!  When Steve Dennis (noted as the fastest rider in Sussex) got on the front, the pace really took off!  The hardest bits were cycling into a pumping headwind in Romney Marsh and along the Kent coast.  And then those long drag hills after about 60 miles on day 2.  We went up there at 20 miles an hour!  I think the average speed for the whole trip was about 20 miles an hour!


There was obviously lots of beautiful scenery along the way (e.g. wide open expanses of yellow rape fields), but these went past in a blur!  There wasn't much drinking on the Saturday night - we were all too shattered.


There is genuine concerned that we didn't get the balance right - too much cycling and not enough drinking!


Brighton marathon - initial race report summary

An initial report from Colin:

Start - hot - drink - hot - cramp - hot - drink - stomach cramp - hot - vomit - hot - wave at Kevin (he looks hot)- cramp - hot - where am i - cramp - hot - who am I - hot - who keeps shouting at me - shut up - hot - Finish - beer - where am I


Sounds like you enjoyed it Colin.


Update from Kev:

You forgot to mention run a bit - lose first gel - run a bit more lose another two gels - go to take on nutrition - uh oh empty race belt - throw race belt to side of road as now empty - run into wind and up hill - get tired - wait for feed station - around 11 miles - feel sick eating clif shots - notice its hot - cramp - hot- cramp - see Colin (he looks hot and unhappy) cramp - hot - where am i - cramp - hot - who am I - hot - who keeps shouting at me - shut up - hot - Finish -


   Kevin James race report.


 Can you email me more reports please and photos.



                                                Chip Time        Position

Kevin James (1082)                 3:24:32             339

Colin Chambers (5637)            3:47:59             1120

Samantha Anderson (1276)      3:58:05             1857

Stephen Birchall (9205)            4:05:30             2282

Mark Jordan (5156)                 4:05:51             2280

Kate Walch (6641)                  4:48:55             5138

Kay McMenamin (3444)          4:56:38             5350

Julienne Stuart-Colwill (3988)  5:28:57             6818



Goodwood Duathlon race report


Goodwood Duathlon race report from Rachel Baker

On Sunday morning I travelled down to Goodwood to take part in the Goodwood Duathlon.  It was a well organised and small event which featured two races, a short 4k/24k/4k or long 4k/40k/8k race.  Both races were limited to 100 entries and I was taking part in the long race.

The race started at 10.00 with the long race competitors going off five minutes before the short race.  I had already warmed up with a cycle round the 4k track and there was a cross wind which turned into a head wind as you progressed round the circuit.  Having glanced down the start list prior to the race I was expecting to see about 6 girls in the race and was hopeful I might do quite well.  Once we were lined up I was surprised that there were so many ladies in my leg and of course they all looked a lot faster than me!  Bang on 10.00 the race started and I tried to start at a reasonable speed but without pushing so hard that I was couldn't put in a good effort on the bike.  This appeared to be a good tactic, I think I was about the 8th lady into transition and on the first lap round on the bike I had passed several of the faster runners.  I kept pushing hard on the bike and even though it was on a closed circuit with 10 laps the small field meant that everyone had plenty of room and it wasn't hard to keep out of the drafting zone.

The first 8 laps went quite quickly then on the ninth lap I was caught by a guy who had lost count of his laps and wanted to know how many I had done.  He seemed to think I was one ahead of him.  He seemed to want to have a chat but eventually we both got our heads down again and I was on the final lap.  I tried not to think my usual thoughts of how difficult it was going to be when I started to run again but visualised myself effortlessly running round the track (twice).  Unfortunately, I don't think I quite managed that but I did run at a reasonable pace for the first lap, possibly due to the bottle of water I had in transition-most of which ended up over my head.  The second lap I started to slow down a bit and by the time I got half way round I had to make a conscious effort to put some effort in and to keep my average speed up.   Then it was a final turn off the track onto the grass run in to the finish.

I decided to wait for the presentations and was very pleased to find out I was the second lady in the race.

I thought that this was a very well organised event. I really enjoyed it and would recommend it to anyone who is happy to do a 10 lap bike.  It was nice to put my head down and ride and not have to worry about cars or potholes.