Crawley Wheelers Death Ride

Crawley Wheelers Death Ride

Every Wednesday night at 19:30 this aptly named ride takes place.


It is basically an hour's ride of multiple laps faster than is humanly possible going up every hill in Hayward's Heath, some of these guys were going up the hills quicker than I could go down and they truly were 'Riding like they stole it'


I thought I would start this week after most of the guys have either just got back from Wimereux or just competed in the Brighton Marathon, easy ride nice and gentle just to get the feel of it..12 Riders Started 10 finished the other 2 still have not been found. I got dropped on most laps but the secret is just to keep going as hard as possible and you will get back on the pack.


  • Was it one of the hardest rides I have done - Yes
  • Distance covered - approx 23 miles
  • Did I feel sick - Yes
  • Did I get dropped - Yes
  • Was it fun - Most defiantly
  • Will I do it again - Most defiantly

Great fun and I would recommend it to all, many MST members already do it (Ant, Dave, Kev and myself), if you don't think you can keep the pace or are significantly slower start your own group and do it.