Mid Sussex Triathlon what a race :)

Mid Sussex Triathlon what a race :)


A big thank you to all of you who helped out at the event and in the lead up to it. All your efforts made our triathlon a massive success once again. Pepole give me the accalade for running a great race but I really could not do it without the imput and help from many others, hundreds of hours go into making it run as smoothly as it does and into making it the success it is.


A few special thank you's go to the sponcership team lead by Steve and Pippa who did a fantastic job yet again. It is probably one of the hardest jobs to do and I don't think we have ever had so many prizes (even more than last year). Also a big thanks to Steve Alden who stores and drags out the racking and other equipment each year. Rob who gets all the marshals together, Rach, James and Dave Lash as the section heads. The list is endless but thank you all.


The real thanks comes from the competitors just have a look at the fantastic feedback here  (I will be updating this daily as new emails come in) You should all be very pleased as you made the race very special for a large number of people.


There were 326 entrants with 277 taking part on the day. (winning male time 1:03:10, Female 1:17:13  results here). Congratulations to Fiona and Steve for winning the Sussex Weald Race Series with Angela Murry 2nd and Callum and Phil joint male 2nd with Ant Grey 3rd all results can be found here


Can I get feedback from you guys on what would you change? any issues?


Hope you all got a Mid Sussex mug and zip buddy if not let me know. I also have a large amount of car window stickes that I will be passing on to Sharron so let me know if you want one. (I will be at the Dolphin with a box of mugs on thursday night)



some photos here




Once again thanks for your help.




"A Club only thrives if its members take good care of it."



Have you beat or set one of these records let me know