Mid Sussex Olympic Distance Race

Mid Sussex Olympic Distance Race

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The time has come to think about the club Olympic Distance Race, which is held at Ardingly Reservoir on Sunday 22nd July - start time 07.30. The briefing is at 0645.  The swim starts in one wave at 07:30.


This race is open to all members.  We want to encourage everybody to have a go at the event given that the emphasis for most is on having the opportunity to do an Olympic distance event in a familiar and supportive environment. We don't have marshals around the course although the bike and run routes are well signed.  If you don't fancy racing (or are too tired after an Ironman!) then come along anyway because I could do with a few marshals to help things run smoothly. 


The 1500 swim will be a in the reservoir.  For those who are a little worried about the swim distance, rest assured that the route is along the normal swim lanes for Saturday morning swimming and there will be a safety boat and a canoeist in the water at all times. 


Transition area is set up on the grass adjacent to the car park.


The 40 km bike course is essentially a slightly shortened route of the course used for the middle distance event last year.  It is a bit lumpy but not that bad and quite enjoyable - especially on the downhill parts on the return section.


The 10km run is on the paths around the reservoir.  It is wholly off road and, while there is likely to be some pedestrian traffic, it is safe and flat. 


We really want people to have a go at this -irrespective of ability or speed or anything else.  The main point is having a go at this distance and seeing what happens. 


If you are quite new to the club I would particularly like to see you take part as these events are usually very sociable and great fun - hopefully the weather will be good enough for a picnic afterwards.


If there are any questions please ask!


The risk assessments are avalable so if anyone would like me to send them a copy just let me know.



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Swim risk assessments

Bike risk assessments

Run risk assessments