ETU Championship 2012

ETU Championship 2012


Over 3,200 individual participants and 650 relay teams from 62 nations will take part in the "best old race". They will be cheered on by 180,000 spectators along the course and at the Triathlon Stadium. The race starts at 6.30am with the 3.8km swim in the Main-Donau-Canal, and continues with a 180km bike and the final 42.2km marathon run. 

You can follow there day at: 

The Challenge Family app is available for free download by searching for "Challenge Family" at either for Android phones or from the Apple App Store through iTunes for iPhones. 

Live race updates, athlete tracking, race maps, results and images are all at your finger tips and any number of athletes can be added to the watch-list function to quickly check for current standings split times and even where to be to support them out on the course. 

There is also a cool app on Facebook that when the athlete signs up to it their splits will automatically be written to their wall.

Number                                                           Start

853      Cresswell, Claire (ENG)              W35      06:45

1482     Goodhead, Jamie (GBR)            M40      07:10

1737     Dr. Graham, James (GBR)         M45      07:15

1941     Webster, Jonathan (GBR)          M45      07:20

2350     Mcmenamin, Steve (IRL)            M45      07:30

2747     Birchall, Stephen (GBR)             M35      07:35

3124     Grey, Anthony (GBR)                 M40      07:45

Ant is raising money for Sussex Autism Support through Kangaroos. He would be really grateful if you were able to sponsor me for this event. Donation link is: