Brighton Marina Tri. The view from the back..............

Brighton Marina Tri. The view from the back..............

I competed in my second ever triathlon on Sunday morning, in conditions that were more conducive to spending the day in bed than partaking of a multi sport event. A view confirmed by the current Mrs John!

The alarms sounded early, but we were prepared(egg sarmies, coffee, etc.,) and we loaded up the kids and headed to the seaside. As we passed the Amex community stadium, I realised that there was no horizon, as the grey mass of the oceans joined hands with the grey fingers of the rain. At least the temp was in +. We arrived, decanted the various bags and "kuthundu" required, before being asked to drive the car up to the top of the car park so as to have "something " to watch!

Eventually found the transition zone, after expecting to find it closer to the water. Racked my bike, donned my wetsuit, and readied my belongings for transitions. And then it started to spit. So I covered everything with my bag, only for it to roll off my shoes and display my clean smalls to the gathered audience! Quick briefing and a surprise visit from my sibling!

So we embarked to the start of the swim, me trying to herd a chattering of kids and uncles, only to realise that they were about to start the race! Water was indifferent, but at the very least it was not freezing. As a result of my faffing, I swam 1040m! Pull pull breathe, and the added salt buoyancy got me out in just over 18mins, despite the two run ins with kayaks( turn around now sir, and , watch out for the quay!) and some entirely unneeded comments about sturdy ladders for sturdy athletes. Long t1 (wet feet, wet socks, bag again!) and off out on the bike!

After the first zip along the coast road, I regretted not wasting another 30sec not putting on a jacket. Not because of the chill, but more to do with the needling rain. Turned left at St dunstans and into ovingdean. So far, so good no hills. How I hate hills. Drag myself up one, telling myself that the down hill will make up for the pain. Only to brown short it due to the wet roads. Up, up, up and away to woodingdean, and the singular most vile bit of road ever attacked by yours truly. Recovery roll across the top of the downs, one small rise to cope with and then the glory of the sweeping accelerating decent back into Brighton. And then do it again!!!

Repeat last paragraph!

Rolled back down to t2, and realised there were still bikes out behind me. :-) change of shoes, cries of cant feel my feet, can't feel my ears popping around as I managed to ejaculate Iso gel all over my hands. Nice!!

Out onto the run, and realise that the cliffs offer a lot more respite from the wind. Lots of "serious" athletes returning from the run leg, and some compatriots in the slow lanes overtaking each other provided some entertainment. " keep going mid Sussex, you are looking good " did boost my stride. Thank you. The feeling of exquisite agony on turning around, realising that I've done this once, I can do it again. No more overtaking, lots of smiling and then finished! Yay!

Swim. 1000m. 18.04
T1. 7.44
Bike 32km. (90.). 80.12
T2. 3.48
Run. 8km. 46.40

Total. 2:36:18

Lets do it again!!!