Bodiam Castle Triathlon: 11 Sept 2016

Bodiam Castle Triathlon: 11 Sept 2016


Three men in a moat

A beautiful bright morning saw 3 of Mid Sussex' finest triathletes in action at the Bodiam triathlon amid a high quality field of 260+. The early mist gave way to sunny skies and a friendly vibe as waves of 50 were sent on their way to swim 400m around the castle in the moat. Surely this is worth the entry fee alone?

As I lined up in my wave alongside Callum I heard one competitor say "What a load of carp". Thinking he was commenting on the race briefing I was found to be incorrect in my assumption as I looked into the depths of the moat.

Now I have had pre-race nerves before but not about being eaten alive!

Happily the poor fish/ beasts of the deep had enough sense to keep clear of the thrashing riot of rubber that constituted the rather riotous start of my wave.

The water was warm and not unpleasant on the palate and Jo, Callum and I made it out without mishap and all limbs accounted for.

The bike course is a scenic (read hilly) ride in and out of the valley over 21km or so and very enjoyable in the good conditions. Jo enjoyed his bike ride longer than the rest of us as he had a rather deflating experience with his front wheel. However he still managed to get back to transition, mend his puncture and complete his triathlon quicker than others who had no misfortune.

The transition is in front of the Castle and was quite hectic with people coming in and out from all directions. The 5.5k run takes you from transition and behind the castle to some pleasant fields and then to the footpath beside the canal and ESKR railway. The castle is in sight for quite a long time before you actually get to the finish and makes this a really enjoyable event. After the finish you can mull around the castle grounds and enjoy the end of term atmosphere made all the better by the weather.


Loz 10th, 1st age group 1.08.14

Callum, 6th age group 1.22.19

Jo, not last but awaiting correct times from race director