BAR Race #2 - 25m TT Broadbridge Heath

BAR Race #2 - 25m TT Broadbridge Heath


It was very nearly only 9 starters when Rachel realized she had a faulty inner tube just 20 minutes before her start time. Rob and Steve tried to help but when it became apparent that they might have to get their hands dirty they very chivalrously headed off to the start. Rachel was left to flutter her eyelids and look helpless at the HQ - a much more effective strategy as it was sorted in the nick of time. She made her start with minutes to spare and it had clearly got her adrenaline up as she then did an excellent 68m36s.


There were also 3 TT newbies - lining up for the first time were David Ricketts, Steve Crocker and Martin Shoesmith. Martin has in fact done a lot of time trialling in the dim and distant past and was actually quite good, but the tough windy conditions were still a challenge. He finished in an superb 67.34, nicely getting even with Steve Crocker, by finishing 3 minutes faster - the same margin that Steve had won by the previous week at East Grinstead. Great effort for a first time though. David Ricketts took some convincing that as it was a race, he should really use his very nice race bike. 79.36 was deserved reward - though without tri-bars - hopefully the first of many TTs.


James Dear led home the men with a blistering 57.53, considering how windy it was. Rob Hoodless was 62.46, with Colin Chambers narrowly behind with a PB of 63.14 - an amazing ride. He then got out his spare bike and took part in another cycling event.  Ant Grey rode 66.35 and Steve Alden did 68.33


Hazel was the only other lady riding and she did a very creditable 74.21, only about 30 seconds off her best but this time in much more challenging conditions.


Well done to all who took part.



Men  (winner 52.56)


James Dear                 57.53   10pts   9.35%

Rob Hoodless         1.02.46     9        18.57

Colin Chambers     1.03.14     8        19.46

Ant Grey                   1.06.35     7        25.79

Martin Shoesmith 1.07.34     6        27.64

Steve Alden             1.08.33    5         29.51

Steve Crocker         1.10.32     4       33.25

David Ricketts       1.19.36     3        50.38



Women (winner 1.01.54)


Rachel Baker          1.08.36    10pts  10.82%

Hazel Tuppen         1.14.21     9          20.03