Best All Rounder 2014

Think you can do better than last years winners? By popular demand, Steve Alden has agreed to organise a short modified version of the BAR Competition for 2014. Not only will it give members the opportunity to win awards but will also add material for Loz's 'special/alternative awards'. Below are the races that will contribute to this year's BAR:

Short BAR

Dambuster Triathlon (as 41 have already entered) Saturday, 21st June 2014, Leicester
MSTC Olympic Club Tri - Sunday, 24th August 2014 (part of our Triathlon Festival with Leicester Tri)
A 10 mile Time Trial - 13th September 2014 (the shortest race that ANYONE can do)

Time Trial Entry Details

  1. On the CTT website home page click the big red link 'ENTER EVENTS ONLINE NOW' half way down right side of page
  2. Filter for Sept 2014, Distance 10 miles - press filter button
  3. Scroll down to 13th September, G10/87 East Sussex CA and press + sign
  4. Then follow the on screen instructions. The form needs to be filled in as accurately as possible, and if there is no previous TT experience then you can just write 'NONE'

Long BAR

MSTC Club Duathlon - Sunday, 13th April 2014
MSTC Middle Distance Triathlon - Sunday 24th August (part of our Triathlon Festival)
Portsmouth Coastal Marathon (December 2014)

Best Athlete

Best 3 out of the above races

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask Steven Alden. Let the competition begin...


TBC at the Club annual dinner, can you stand the suspense?!