BAR 2011

Cambridge Duathlon (LONG)
April 17th World Duathlon Championship qualifier

25m TT Norwood Paragon G25/53 (SHORT)
May 8th

East Grinstead Triathlon (SHORT)
May 15th  Entries must be done by end of January

100m TT Hounslow & District Wheelers (LONG)
May 29th  H100/88

Arun 3.8km swim (LONG)
Saturday 4th June

10m TT BEC CC G10/42 (SHORT)
Saturday July 16th

Olympic Distance Triathlon (SHORT)
Venue: Ardingly (subject to confirmation)
July 24th

50m TT Anerley 50 G50/53 (LONG)
August 7th

Birdman Swim 1000m  (SHORT)
August 14th Worthing pier

Middle Distance Triathlon  (LONG)
August 28th Ardingly

Barns Green ½ Marathon  (SHORT)
October 30th

Brighton 10k  (SHORT)
November 20th

Portsmouth Coastal Marathon  (LONG)
December 18th (earn your Christmas rest!!)

BAR scoring

Each event is scored out of 10. 10 points for first club male and female, 9 for second etc. All competitors will score at least 1 point.

There are 3 competitions. The races labelled SHORT will form the Short BAR, and the races labelled LONG will form the Long BAR. The same person will not win both competitions.

Percentages are calculated from the lead man and woman, and it is these that are used for the Best Athlete competition.

The criteria for a Best Athlete position.

Events to score
At least 2 must be multisport (triathlon or duathlon)
Any of the other races will count provided they come from DIFFERENT sports, eg one TT, one swim

 Events can come from any of the SHORT or LONG BAR races and results will be calculated from your best possible percentage from any BAR races done.

Womens Long BAR

Rachel Baker           30
Jules Stuart-Colwill   16
Katie Walch             10
Emma Goodhead      9
Clare Cresswell        9
Jules Stuart-Colwill   9
Hazel Tuppen          9
Kay McMenamin       8
Sharon Chladek       8
Nikki Dow                8
Julie Williams          1
Fiona Bussell           1

Womens Short BAR

Rachel Baker           50
Jules Stuart-Colwill 23
Sharon Chladek      22
Hazel Tuppen         19
Julie Williams          19
Lucy Williams         17
Kay McMenamin     15
Rose Ryan             13
Clare Cresswell      12
Fiona Bussell          10
Tamsin Clarke        9
Sam Anderson       9
Jean Fish                9
Emma Alden           8
Margaret Hollamby 8
Jess McMorris         6
Nikki Dow               6
Pippa Crouch          6
Clare Parkinson     4
Sarah Hinton         1
Angela Murray       1

Mens Long BAR

Steve Alden           42
Dave Lashbrook    31
Jame Dear            30
Rob Hoodless        23
Pete Harris            19
Steve McMenamin  10
Jim Graham          10
Loz Wintergold       9
Kevin James          8
Andy Jenkins         8
Vaughan Portelli     8
John Liebers          7
Ant Grey               6
Bob Norton            5
Jeff Woodall          5
Trevor Moore         5
Alex Powell            4
Colin Chambers     3
Del Hastings          2
Mark Jordan           1
Paul Wills               1

Mens Short BAR

James Dear          46
Rob Hoodless       35
Colin Chambers    34
Steve Alden          31
Phil Couch            26
Rupert Robinson  21
Dave Jones          18
Ant Grey              14
Dave Lashbrook   13
Mark Jordan          11
Steve McMenamin 11
Steve Crocker       10
Jim Graham         10
Martin Sanwell     9
Andy Jenkins       8
Dave Leadbitter  7
Loz Wintergold   7
Bob Norton         6
Peter Clarke       5
Pete Harris          5
Robin Monaghan 4
John Liebers       3
Callum Murray     2
Trevor Moore       2
Del Hastings        2
Jeff Woodall         1
Peter Court          1
Tim Cresswell       1
Carl Wichman       1
Alex Powell          1
Kevin James         1
Steve Birchall       1
Mat Record          1
Andy Heath         1
Andy Miles           1
Justin Hampshire 1
James Duddy      1
Paul Wills           1
Gary Bates         1
Graeme Fitzjohn 1
Richard Bool       1
Ian Ogborn        1
David Ricketts     1
Alan Thomas      1