Coach Profiles

The club provides a number of coached sessions across each triathlon discipline. Our coaching team is encouraged to develop their skills and knowledge across individual sports as well as Triathlon.

Steve McMenamin
  • Steve McMenamin
  • Head Coach | BTF Level 2 & OW Level 2 Coach


    My introduction to triathlon was way back in 2005. Since then I have had a fairly successful career including two long-distance Ironman events and a couple of  English Channel swims including a record breaking 2way relay. I have represented Ireland multiple times at all distances and adding to the mix, I’m also a type 1 diabetic.


    I used to train in a very generic way with no real structure. Once I joined the club, I listened to the experienced people (we didn’t have coaches back then) took on a more structured training approach. That’s when things changed greatly for me. I really got into the technical side of it and following my sporting mentors, I took an interest in helping people achieve their goals. Ranging from tips on nutrition to training,  this was a great thing to do and I’ve taken great pride in it.  


    I then decided to formalise my approach and achieved my first British Triathlon Federation (BTF) coaching cert level 1 in Feb 2017. I followed this with BTF level 2 in Jun 2018;  BTF open water coach Jun 2019;  Swim England Open Water coach level 2 in 2020 and most recently , took on the position of Head Coach Jan 2021.

Jo Fleming
  • Jo Fleming
  • BTF Level 2


    I'm a runner who liked to cycle and took up swimming when I joined the club around 2013 after an adult life just doing my own training.


    The club is fantastic at supporting beginners through to serious amateurs and I have massively improved all 3 disciplines in my time here. I take great pleasure seeing members get motived to train and this led me to coaching 4 years ago.


    I have a relaxed and participative coaching style, encouraging people to understand and explore their technique. I coach the weekly runs, swims and help lead the weekly spin, which I see as complementary to the training sessions that we can easily do on our own.








Joanna Millington
  • Joanna Millington
  • BTF Level 1 & BC Group ride leadership Level 1

    I tried my first triathlon eight years ago and loved the adrenaline and thrill from the actual race day so much, it became my new hobby. I’ve always been a keen swimmer but only started road cycling in order to try out triathlon.  Maybe ironically, cycling is now my strongest discipline, although hands down, open-water sea swimming is my favorite – especially on a sunny winter day with my tri-club swim buddies, out in those rolling winter waves. Ahh bliss.   


    I’m a great believer in the drill-based training to build improvement in your performance. Having followed programes to improve my swimming and running, I’ve seen the evidence that targeted training sets work!


    Finally,  yoga is the secret sauce that keeps me in good shape for training. I think too many of us neglect the basic restorative care our bodies need, especially as we age and train.

    Looking forward to more training runs, swims and Sunday bike rides together! 

Kate Bradford
  • Kate Bradford
  • BTF Level 1  & Level 2 Personal Trainer 

    I came to triathlon in around 2016, filling in a team event space left by a friend of my brothers.

    I was reasonably fit, but not fit enough and it was hard! I became immediately addicted. Sure that I could do better.

    I came from being a swimmer, who started long distance running and eventually took up cycling.


    Since that first triathlon, I’ve completed a few different races with a lot more training and I’ve loved them.

    I joined MSTC in 2021 and it has improved all three disciplines hugely for me.

    It’s so lovely being surrounded by people who aren’t afraid to work hard and have some fun with their training.

    I took up coaching because I love the club, the sport and watching people make huge improvements and feel great about themselves.

    I have learnt so much from each member of the coaching team and many members of the club.

    It’s such a fantastic and supportive community.


    I also recently qualified as a Level 2 personal trainer to be able to extend my passion into a profession.


    I look forward to meeting you!

John MacTear
  • John MacTear
  • BTF Level 1 

    I started triathlon in 2008 as a father / daughter activity.

    Kate and I joined Mid Sussex in 2012 after doing the Burgess Hill Triathlon. This triathlon demonstrated what a friendly and inclusive club it was.


    The amazing coaching and support meant that Kate was outperforming me easily within two years of joining. I don’t hold the against the club!!


    I love the sport, I love the training and I love the club.


    The club hasn’t just given me the skills it has also added a real sense of belonging, that’s why I now want to give something back (some may say “about time!”) by becoming a British Triathlon Coach. I would like to help others benefit from the tremendous coaching that I have received.

Kevin James
  • Kevin James
  • UKA Leader in Run - CiRF


    I joined Mid Sussex Tri Club after moving to Haywards Heath nearly 20 years ago. In the year before I joined the club, I completed my first marathon in New York where the only goal was to finish without walking (eventual time of 4 hours 45).  But I knew I wanted to improve.  As a result of this, I started training with the tri club and in subsequent marathons got my times down to a sub-3 hour time and gained qualification for the Boston marathon.  


    I attribute a lot of this success to consistently attending the club’s Thursday night interval-based sessions and turning up to race club mates at local events such as the Brighton 10k, Barnes Green Half etc. But I have also spent a lot of time on developing running technique and I’m passionate about the importance of treating running as a ‘skill’.  Hopefully, whatever you are wanting to achieve you’ll get some improvement out of one of my sessions.




Clarissa Walton
  • Clarissa Walton
  • UKA Leader in Run - LiRF

    I joined the club in 2020 as wanted to try open water swimming which my husband and daughter thoroughly enjoyed, having competed in a number of European marathons, and then taking up road cycling and completing a very cold 30 mile Sussex cycle ride in Feb 2019.

    I find the MSTC club to be really welcoming to new members and I loved the friendly atmosphere that prevailed whenever we get together for training sessions. As a result of that and the need for new coaches to be recruited, I decided this was the right time for me to step up and use my experience as a marathon runner to lead the running sessions and over time to coach colleagues to improve their running and achieve their ambitions.

    I am passionate about being the best you can be, and as a Learning & Development Consultant at HSBC, am always looking at ways to make my sessions focused, fun and challenged to achieve the best outcomes for all that attend.

    I have yet to compete in a triathlon, partly due to COVID restrictions, but know when I do the club will whole heartedly support and coach me in achieving my goals.

Stuart Dale
  • Stuart Dale
  • UKA Leader in Run - LiRF

    As someone who enjoyed cycling and a bit of running. I completed my first Triathlon sprint in 2019 after a couple of years of apprehension, I am not a naturally gifted swimmer or runner for that matter as I spent many years playing rugby, I felt my shape did not lend to these activities naturally. 


    I was very pleased that I completed my first tri with MSTC (even with some breather gaps on the swim). I Swiftly moved onto my next Tri Sprint the month after, all though completed it, found it a little tougher.  


    I thought a little(lot) of structured training and coaching would go a long way with me. So, based on my experience with completing the Tri I decided to join MSTC and found it to help immensely, the 400-meter swim is not as daunting as it once was.  


    As a recent beginner I understand what it feels like to be starting out on what can seem like a marathon having completed my own journey from couch to 5km and recovering from injuries that made walking a challenge let alone running. I like to focus on structured group events that encourage all abilities which can offer something to all running levels. 


    While I have some ways to go threatening the podium positions. I really enjoy the challenge and have found MSTC to be very welcoming and offer lots of encouragement with its unwavering inclusivity. 

Esther Clutton
  • Esther Clutton
  • SEQ Level 1 Swimming Assistant (Teaching)


    I completed my first triathlon in 2005 up in Hartlepool as active recovery from the rowing season. I am a rower turned triathlete and more recently I've returned to rowing.

    Rowing didn't work back then with 4 young children so the flexible training schedule at Mid Sussex Triathlon Club enabled me to keep fit and meet likeminded people.


    I had just moved to West Sussex from York and was on maternity leave. I had been feeding my new baby in Sainsbury's and two MSTC members were sat across from me . We got chatting and they encouraged me as a new mum and new to the area to pop down to the club for a swim when I felt I was ready.

    I really was made to feel very welcome. That was 9 years ago. I've stepped up and now coach some of the swims. When I'm not coaching, I'm training with the club which is great cross training for my master's rowing events at the weekends. 


    The club sessions really do embrace the concept of progression - whatever your starting point. 


Zoe Rocholl
  • Zoe Rocholl
  • BTF L1

    My first multi-sport event was in 2014, when I did the Richmond duathlon as a favour for a friend who needed a beginners review of the event. I really enjoyed the variety and so when I saw a competition to win a triathlon place I entered- and won!


    However, I needed to learn how to swim having missed the lane swimming lessons at school and gone straight to synchronised swimming…


    I spent a few weeks watching YouTube ‘how to swim’ videos and then practicing at the local 50m outdoor lido, when I saw a banner for the tri club that was training in the lane next to me and signed up there and then.


    I have since completed between 4 and 6 triathlons a year (over 20 in total) ranging from super sprint distance to Olympic distance, with my preference being the sprint distance.


    I took up running in 2006 when I was set a challenge of the London Marathon and now regularly take part in events at all distances from 5k to marathon with a distinct preference for muddy trail runs. I am most comfortable on my bike though, and love nothing more than spinning around a velodrome.


    I have had some inspiring, supportive and encouraging coaches who have kept me coming back time and time again, when training can easily fall to the bottom of the list with work and family pressures. I also understand how it feels to be a complete beginner, which can be a real barrier to getting started but I hope to make the sessions approachable, engaging and light hearted- it’s supposed to be fun after all.

David Turner
  • David Turner
  • BTF Foundation Coach & SEQ Level 1 Swimming Assistant (Teaching)


    I love a physical challenge; the Mid Sussex Triathlon Club is perfect for its multi-discipline approach for the training of body and mindset.

    I began my fitness journey in 2008, when I struggled to run a short distance. I taught myself to swim and needed to consider something bigger than the local pool. I joined the club in 2018, to participate in the open water swimming at Ardingly Reservoir. I had completed endurance challenges and my first Triathlon was Helvellyn in 2019. I continue to train and compete in other endurance events. Since 2018, I have enjoyed many club events, coaching sessions and the club community. Feeling so welcome, I decided I wanted to be more involved and give something back. In 2022, I started my swim coach journey and later qualified as a Swim England Assistant Coach. In 2023, I qualified as a British Triathlon Federation Foundation Coach.

    I am passionate about supporting and coaching members to the best of their ability. As with other coaches we have a training environment that is friendly regardless of ability. Sessions have specific focus and plans. These are well attended whether an experienced athlete or a complete beginner to the tri disciplines. Whether for health, fitness or well-being; swim, bike and/or run has something for you.

Want to join our Coaching Team?

We are always looking for members to become coaches.  We offer the opportunity for our coaches to be trained, initially as a Foundation Coach with the BTF before progressing through Group Coach and, possibly, beyond.  We are keen also to train our coaches to the various levels and to put them through specific skills short courses offered by Swim England, British Cycling, and England Athletics and other relevant bodies.  A number of coaches are also trained in the likes of spinning and fitness training.

Get involved become a coach


In return for funding the coaching courses, we ask that coaches make themselves available for inclusion in the coaching register.  This means a commitment of something like at least two session per month for a period of at least a year.  That said, coaching duties are allocated after discussions with the head coach and we are flexible with how coaching hours are accumulated.